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Hearing Voices and Mental Ilness

People have different experiences of hearing voices. While some people get worried about hearing voices, others do not bother about them. Some individuals find these voices irritating or distracting.

Many people think that hearing voices is a sign of mental health problems. But research has it that a lot of people hear voices, and many of them are not mentally sick. Instead, it is a common human experience.

What It Feels Like: How People Hear Voices

Hearing voices happens in different ways. All fingers are not equal, so the experiences differ. Let us check out some shared experiences.

  • Some people hear their names when they are alone.
  • Some people hear and see things in their sleep.
  • Some hear the voices inside their heads.
  • Some people hear voices as a mixture of familiar sounds in their environments.
  • Some people hear voices as if they can listen to people’s thoughts.
  • Some people experience voices like they are being forced to do harmful things.
  • Some people experience voices like they are arguing with themselves.
  • Some people hear voices that help and guide them.

Reasons For The Voices

Researchers and commoners have made studies to find why people hear voices. Check out some of them.

Voices When You Doze or Wake Up

You can trace the voices you hear when drifting into sleep or waking from sleep to the brain. The brain is in a partial dreamy state. In this state, you can hear your name or a few words. In some cases, you might see weird things or wrongly interpret the things that you see. But once you wake up fully, they stop.

Reasons For The Voices

Shortage of Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep, you can be prone to hearing voices. You can also experience other sensory occurrences that are beyond your explanation.


If you have not gotten enough food to eat, you can also experience hearing voices. Remember that the stomach works with the brain.


Physical Ailment

Physical ailments can lead to hearing strange voices. You can even speak unusually.


Drugs can also cause you to hear strange voices. An example is recreational drugs. Sometimes, this voice condition happens due to side effects of prescribed medicines or when the drugs are fading off the body system.

Anxiety and Bereavement

People have shared their voice-hearing experiences that were related to anxiety and stress. Others began to experience it when they lost a loved one to death. They often hear the voices of the dead talking with them. Some of them find comfort in these voices.

Spiritual Causes

Some people attribute voice-hearing to spirituality. Some individuals symbolise and regard it as something unique. In contrast, others see it as a bad omen.

Mental Disorders

Some people with mental health abnormalities often experience hearing voices in their heads. Some disorders like schizophrenia, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, and psychosis contribute a lot.

There are other causes of the hearing voice condition, like PTSD, bullying, abuse, and other traumatic events.

How To Handle These Voices

Understand Your Voices

You can be relieved of these voices if you understand the voices you hear and how they relate to your life. Some of its advantages include:

  • Feeling more in control.
  • Knowing when your voices are yielding negative results.
  • Challenge your voices.
  • Know how to handle your voices, to avoid interference with your daily life.

You can as well ask yourself these questions:

  • What events took place when these voices started?
  • How did I feel at that time?
  • What was my location?
  • What did the voices sound like?
  • Do they depict a personality or a bad situation?
  • Do the voices have traceable patterns?
  • What happens when I hear these voices?
  • What do the voices want me to do?
  • What conditions surround the voices now?
How to handle these voices

Have a Diary

After you have asked yourself the questions listed above, you can write down your answers as regularly as possible. It will help you track the nature of the voices, the goals of the voices, your strengths and improvement towards the condition, and many other facts. As time goes on, you will notice that the diary method has helped you feel better.

Be In Charge

It is your head, so you own it. You have to continually stay on top of the game for you to survive and win. Check out these suggestions on how to stay in charge.

Play deafness towards the voices

Play Deafness Towards The Voices

This strategy works efficiently. For instance, you can choose to distract yourself by cooking, playing sports, seeing movies and favourite shows, listening to music, or anything that would distract you.

Boldly Tell Your Counter Decision To The Voices

You cannot stay subjected to the voices. Tell them when you will listen to them and when you will not give an ear to them. Do not be scared to tell them that you would like to take your time before you heed their suggestions. Do not hesitate to shut them up and remind them that they are powerless towards you. Ignore the bad ones and listen to the good ones.

Talk To Other People Who Hear Voices

It is helpful to share your experiences with other people in the same condition. You can also join support groups or communities to help you fight through your struggle. Some advantages of these groups are that:

  • They give you backbone support.
  • They listen to you without judging you.
  • They help you to understand your voices better.
  • They show you how to help other people.
  • They allow you to build your self-esteem.
  • They will motivate you to make the right choices without being scared.

Self Care

Make sure to get a lot of sleep to handle the problematic experiences better. No matter the resistance from those voices, catch some sleep.

Eat good and healthy foods regularly. When your blood sugar level is okay, you will feel in the right mood and energetic enough to fight.

Research ways to get relaxed and better. Ensure that you are not subjected to stress and anxiety.

Nature heals. Visit environments that are blessed with nature’s scent and beauty. And ensure to carry out some exercises here, so that your mental health can be helped.

Spiritual help is also advised. You can talk to someone who has an understanding of spiritual situations.

Self Care


Therapists have recommended some medical treatments to take care of the voice-hearing condition. As expected, the first thing is diagnosis. The diagnosis will determine what kind of medications will be administered. Some treatments are listed below.

Talking Therapy

There are various talking therapies that medical experts administer to their patients with this condition. Some of them include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
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After diagnosis from the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist will administer drugs to the patient. Most of these drugs are antipsychotic. They can make you:

  • Insensitive to the voices.
  • Experience the voices in a soothing and less frightening way.
  • Stop hearing the voices.

The essence of medication is to curb the effects of the voices while you are practising techniques to completely relieve you of the voices.

Aids From Family Members and Friends

People suffering from this condition should be given all the care and love they need. Here are some ways to assist them.

  • Do not judge them when they talk about their experiences or behave in some way. Rather listen to them, help them get relieved and comfort them.
  • Understand what feels like for them and help them avoid their triggers.
  • Encourage them to share how they feel and give them continual reminders that you care about them.
  • Give them suggestions and support when they need ideas or any form of help.
  • Remember that you are human as well, and watch over your mental health.