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Therapy Team

Empowering People with Therapeutic Support

Our in-house Therapy Team integrates Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) to deliver expert-driven care tailored for people with mental health needs and behaviour that challenges.

Our In-house Therapy Support

Finding the right therapy support can take time. At Nurseline Community Services, our in-house speech-language and occupational therapists provide urgent support, adapted to the person’s unique needs.

How Our Therapist Team Can Support You

At Nurseline Community Services, we offer more than services—we offer solutions.

Our Therapy Team combines three crucial fields of support: Positive Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy.

Our team provides evidence-based behavioural assessment to create tailored therapeutic plans based on the person’s capabilities.

Proven Expertise, Holistic Support


Our multi-disciplinary team (MDT) provides support with evidence-based practices through functional, cognitive, and behavioural assessment tools.

Creating Capable

Through environmental assessment, we empower positive social interactions and effective communication. We support people to participate in meaningful activities by using proactive strategies, thus reducing the risk of restrictive practices.


We employ Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE) and Trauma Recovery Models to support children and young people with trauma-related challenges.

Effective Transition

Our structured transition plans facilitate smooth transitions from hospital to home. We establish partnerships focusing on trust, reliability and consistency, empowering people to develop key skills and become active citizens in the community.

Expertise in Complex Communication Needs

Our experienced Speech and Language Therapists (SALTs) support people with multimedia and assistive technology like avatars, visual charts, video stories and talking mats.

The Difference We Make

The true measure of our success lies in the positive outcomes achieved by the people we support.

Our impact is reflected in the stories of transformation and resilience shared by people and families who have experienced our tailored care.

Gain insights into:

  The diverse range of support we offer to meet unique needs

  How our multi-disciplinary team collaborates to create individualised care plans

The outcomes achieved through our holistic approach to therapy

Meet the Therapy Team

Amy Butler

PBS Specialist Practitioner and Coach- Therapy Team Lead

Kelly Skinner

PBS Specialist partitioner / PBS Lead

Georgina Rickard

Restrictive Practice Lead and Specialist Practitioner – therapeutic approaches

Benjamin Andrews

PBS Coach and Multimedia Specialist

Steve Blackmore

PBS Specialist

Lisa Francis

PBS Specialist

Darren Moyle

PBS Specialist

Fiona McClaren

PBS specialist

Jodee Simpson

Speech and Language Therapist

Ophelia Xerri

Occupational Therapist

Aiden Harris

Proactive Specialist, PBS Practitioner


Our team is uniquely integrated within our service, allowing seamless collaboration between therapists specialising in Positive Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy. This unique blend ensures that we are equipped to handle diverse and complex needs with precision and empathy, setting us apart in the care provision landscape.

Each individual’s plan is developed based on comprehensive assessments, including direct observation and in-depth analysis of their needs, ensuring a personalised and effective approach. Learn more about our outcome-based approach here.

Our multidisciplinary team ensures a holistic approach to care, aiming for significant improvements in individual well-being and autonomy through tailored support. Discover the impact that our services have on the people we support here.

Absolutely. Our team is well-equipped and experienced in managing both single and multiple behaviours of concern, utilising strategies and models such as ABA, PERMA and PBS to reduce incidents and improve quality of life.

We provide specialised support tailored to the unique needs of autistic and neurodivergent people, focusing on enhancing life skills, communication, and overall well-being. Learn more about our expertise here.

We prioritise a seamless transition by coordinating closely with previous care providers to understand the individual’s history and ongoing needs. Our team also develops a comprehensive, personalised care plan that integrates smoothly with the existing support.

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