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We have a fast-response team ready to act 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Welcome To Our Gloucester Office

At Nurseline Community Services, we provide the highest quality of nurse-led care and support at the familiarity of your home.
Our clinicians provide professional and person-centred care to individuals with urgent mental health needs.

Meet The Team


General Manager


I’m most happy after a day of work when my to-do list is made, colleagues and clinicians are happy, and when I know an individual and their family that we support are receiving a better quality of life due to the service and support we provide. I would most definitely recommend Nurseline Community Services to friends and family purely because both internal and external staff are valued for their efforts, and this is shown through benefits, culture and quality of service.

Dale V. says

I chose to work for Nurseline Community Services as I loved the idea of being part of a family and was impressed by the company’s visions and values. Knowing that I have made an impact in the lives of the families we support but also that I have been supportive towards the clinicians giving the care in the community is wonderful.

NCS is clinician centric, and this is paramount for a good working environment where you are valued and respected but also celebrated for your hard work and achievements.

Sally Marie L. says


Registered Manager


I started my career when I was 16. Working alongside my full-time education. I fell in love with supporting others and knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills within healthcare.
The reason I love my job is seeing the difference to people lives & helping them to succeed in things they would not have been able to do otherwise. NCS is a great place to work due to the amount of support there is on offer. Everyone is understanding & working towards the same goal “to transform care for the better”.

Kallie M. says

Kallie Marsh

Care Co-Ordinator & Relationship Specialist


Elly Patt

Partnership Specialist


I started my career in Healthcare in 2020 as a support worker for End-of-life care, Dementia care and Rehabilitation. I joined Catalyst Care Group in 2022 as a Care Coordinator for Nurseline Healthcare. Within 8 months, I became a Senior Care Coordinator. Within this time I have worked hard to develop my knowledge and skill set to start my new journey working as a partnership spec listed for NCS.

Elly says

The best advice I have received

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got,” so I keep pushing for more and facing challenges and taking risks for the benefit of our families and the individuals we support.

A surprising or fun fact about me

I love to make people laugh!
I’m naturally very outgoing with a great sense of humour.

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