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Case Studies

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Overcoming Complex PTSD: A Success Story of Positive Behaviour

Case Study

“At the start, I wasn’t too sure about certain staff, but I have grown close to them. Staff have been persistent with me and learned my likes and dislikes – even how I like pancakes.” 

– C 

Supporting J’s transition was very eye-opening. J was a lovely, caring, and kind individual who always loved to explore. The clinician’s unwavering dedication to J and his transition was genuinely inspiring and showed their support’s true impact. We are all so grateful for the team and wish J the best in the future!

Kallie – Care Coordinator


Case Study

The journey of E.E.

Case Study

She transitioned from not having any items in her room to having all items and having a full house to going out eating out, managing noisy places and crowds using cutlery, cooking for herself with supervision and from 3:1 observation to transitioning to a 2:1.

Beatrice Mapanzure, RMN says

One of the most important things that has happened since we’ve had Nurseline Community Services come into our lives is that I’m Ben’s mom again.

Hazel says


Case Study

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