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About Us

Our Values and Culture

Our values of Family, Impact and Teaming build the solid foundation of human relationships and integrity in our company culture.

Person-centred care and employee welfare are the backbones of our company culture

Creating an inclusive and diverse workspace for our clinicians empowers innovative and compassionate care for every individual we support.

Building strong and consistent relationships with our clinicians provide the best outcome for the people we support.

We believe success stories can be created if we constantly invest in our clinicians’ personal development and well-being

The time and efforts of our employees are always valued and praised by ensuring their individual progression, training and professional career growth.

Our clinicians’ work-life balance and well-being are integral to our company culture.

Being a clinician is an inner vocation, a calling to help people make a change and strive for a positive outcome.

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Kutie Ngundu

General Manager
Birmingham and Gloucester Nominated Individual and Coach

Catalyst Care Group – Alignment between personal and CCG values that resonate with me and the majority of the team shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. The CEO is intentional about investing in people’s growth, both professionally and personally. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking, and fast-moving company.’

Kutie says