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Anesu Shahwe

Registered Mental Health Nurse

I love working with Nurseline Community Services because of the positive impact I make in the lives of the people I support. It’s incredibly rewarding to see them achieve their goals and become more independent. I feel like I’m making a real difference in the world.

Anesu says

It’s important to be able to adapt to the needs of the people you support and to approach each day with an open mind. Remember that you’re not just providing care but also building relationships that can change lives.

Meet Anesu Shahwe

Anesu has been working as a Mental Health Nurse (RMN) since he joined the Nurseline Community Services family in July 2021. 

His daily activities with the people he supports are varied and fulfilling. His role as an RMN has been to support individuals with varying emotional and psychological needs, enabling them to live fulfilling and more independent lives.

Anesu says that the people he supports motivate him to start his day with a smile on his face. They inspire him with their resilience and determination, and it is an honor for him to be a part of their journey. Knowing he can help them achieve their goals gets him out of bed in the morning. Being a valued member of the Nurseline family encourages him to work hard and maintain a positive outlook on the work he does. What’s more, he has received positive feedback from carers and family members of the individuals they support, which reassures him that he is working in a positive and effective manner. 

Anesu says that the training and support he has received have been invaluable in developing his skills and confidence as a clinician. He is grateful for the opportunities they have provided him and the impact they have had on his career. 

His advice for anyone wanting to work as a clinician is to be patient, compassionate, and flexible. 

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