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Collins Mutahi

Healthcare Support Worker

“Nurseline Community Services has been my backbone, and I’ve been able to fall back on it whenever things get hard.”

Collins says

“I couldn’t have seen myself in a better position right now.”

Meet Collins Mutahi

Collins has been part of Nurseline Community Services since January 2017 and is one of our dear Support Workers and Healthcare Assistants.

Collins says that he significantly improved a range of skills, particularly in communication, through the training provided by Nurseline Community Services. The role involves supporting people facing communication challenges and difficulties with interpersonal skills, requiring Collins to navigate these interactions with patience and understanding. What’s more, Collins believes that this aspect of the job is not just a challenge but an opportunity for learning and personal growth, enhancing empathy—a trait he considers vital in this profession.

Describing the role, Collins sees it as twofold: providing care and learning from it. Each day brings new lessons, especially when working with vulnerable individuals. The job demands an understanding of each person’s unique needs to deliver personalised care, a process through which Collins continues to gain new insights, even after years in the field.

Collin says his experience with Nurseline Community Services has been overwhelmingly positive, marked by substantial support and assistance. Knowing that there’s always someone to offer help and support makes going to work more rewarding, and he feels valued and appreciated in his role.

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