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J’s inspiring story

Case Study

Supporting J’s transition was very eye-opening. J was a lovely, caring, and kind individual who always loved to explore. The clinician’s unwavering dedication to J and his transition was genuinely inspiring and showed their support’s true impact. We are all so grateful for the team and wish J the best in the future!

Kallie Care Coordinator

J is a vibrant individual facing multiple developmental challenges, including a learning disability, epilepsy, a chromosomal disorder, and autism. These conditions have significantly influenced his life, particularly after a noticeable increase in epileptic activity at age three. His journey involved numerous transitions between care centres, which were unsuccessful in meeting his needs, leading to support primarily from his family until they required additional help.

We implemented a compassionate strategy rooted in the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). The team conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify and address the underlying causes of J’s distress, ensuring his active participation in the planning process. Their approach prioritised stability, continuity, and trust-building, allowing J to partake in his preferred activities such as football, golf, and fishing. The consistent involvement of his family, particularly his grandparents, played a pivotal role in supporting his emotional and social needs, underscoring the significance of a holistic approach.

The transition to Nurseline Community Services was not without its challenges. Inconsistencies threatened J’s stability initially. However, the team’s unwavering dedication and resilience ensured a supportive and familiar environment for him.

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