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Marc Rostel

Healthcare Support Worker

Working for Nurseline Community Services, I’ve had the opportunity to work with professionals who have helped guide me, taught me things, and given me praise and encouragement when I’ve done things well. It’s given me the tools I need to do my job well. I feel very happy for the work I do, but also for what I can learn in the future.

Marc says

Marc loves his job because he finds it very rewarding to help people and because each day is different and unique. 
He says it doesn’t feel like a job because he enjoys supporting people, transforming their lives and learning to support every individual differently.

Meet Marc Rostel

Marc Rostel has been working at Nurseline Community Services for almost two years.

On a typical day, Marc encourages the people he supports to get involved with general activities independently, helping individuals build confidence in their skills. He also helps with medication management, maintaining personal hygiene and a balanced diet.

What’s more, on a day-to-day basis, he and his team encourage individuals to go out and do exciting things, like play in a sports team and regularly get their fitness up.

Marc also likes working for Nurseline Community Services because it’s the first time he’s felt valued at work. His biggest is feeling valued within the team and the sense that he’s significantly impacting people’s lives.

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