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Patricia Nyamunda

Support Worker

I love my job because I always put a smile on clients’ faces, and that makes me happy. Ensuring a client has a meaningful day makes me happy, and I always look forward to that.

Patricia says

My advice to clinicians is that it’s important they listen to colleagues, not to be judgmental, to have team spirit, to be culturally competent, to be compassionate, to be open-minded and to have good communication skills. Importantly, they should be able to identify strengths and weaknesses among team members and help members develop in a positive way.

Meet Patricia Nyamunda

Patricia has worked with Nurseline Community Services as a support worker for five years. Since joining NCS, she has worked in various settings, including community packages, supported living, and inpatient settings. 

She loves her job because she always puts a smile on clients’ faces, and that makes her happy. Ensuring a client has a meaningful day brings her joy, and she always looks forward to that. 

Being with NCS has given Patricia the confidence and resilience to keep calm and keep going. She has also gained self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships, and purpose. What’s more, Patricia has attained self-control, good problem-solving skills, and the ability to emotionally support both her clients and colleagues. Additionally, she says that she’s become culturally competent due to working with people from all walks of life.

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