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Paul Prosser

Registered Manager

Nurseline Community Services has been certified as a great place to work, and that is because we are clinician centric, we care about our clinicians by providing many resources such as free training and many other benefits!

Paul says

At the end of the work day, Paul is happy knowing that, as a team, they’ve made a big difference to individuals, families and the entire community, allowing them to feel the positive impact.

Meet Paul Prosser

Paul Prosser is the Registered Manager for Nurseline Community Services in Bristol and holds the helm of all the care Nurseline Community Services provides.

With 17 years of experience in social care leading multiple outstanding services, Paul is very passionate about providing high-quality care and ensuring that the staff is well-supported, as Nurseline Community Services is a supportive workplace recognised as UK’s Best Place to Work.

He believes that a team makes a tremendous positive impact by providing high-quality care with highly trained staff, with specific care packages built around the individuals they support.

The message that Paul wants to send out is that Nurseline Community Services is passionate about high-quality care and that we do want to make a difference in people’s lives. Also, for clinicians looking for a job, Nurseline Community Services is an excellent place to work, a supportive place to work and high standards of care are expected for the people we support. Nurseline Community Services ensures that everyone working here is well-supported to provide the best care possible.

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