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Rugare Nyasha Simbi

Field Care Coach

You really feel like you are part of something when you work for Nurseline Community Services, and that’s what really drives me to wake up every day and make a difference because when you feel valued, you want to go out and do your best. Also, what drives me is to pay homage to my brother and make sure that the healthcare industry is safe for him as well and I know that starts with me.

Rugare says

I am very grateful that Catalyst Care Group has given me the opportunity to have that career progression and I’m really excited to start in my new role.

Meet Rugare Nyasha Simbi

Rugare Nyasha Simbi has been working in healthcare since she was 18. She fell in love with healthcare from personal experience, as her younger brother has Autism and global learning development delay – which inspired her to join this field of work.

She started working with Catalyst Care Group when she was 20, and she’s currently progressing into a new role as a field care coach at Nurseline Community Services. Rugare says she resonates with the company’s values, especially that of family.

Rugare says she’s valued her time as a clinician, and it feels full circle to become a field care coach working for Nurseline Community Services and give back to the clinicians she’s worked with for five years and support them more behind the scenes.

Rugare thinks the career progression is phenomenal. She started as a clinician working just agency shifts; she progressed to packages, and now she’s in the offices. She says Catalyst Care Group is an excellent place for everyone who values family, impact and teaming. Additionally, she believes that the company is a place where everyone pushes each other to be the best people they can be. Everyone values each other’s goals and aspirations.

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