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Case Study

She transitioned from not having any items in her room to having all items and having a full house to going out eating out, managing noisy places and crowds using cutlery, cooking for herself with supervision and from 3:1 observation to transitioning to a 2:1.

Beatrice Mapanzure, RMN says

This inspiring story highlights the transformative power of compassionate care and specialized support, showcasing the potential for growth and joy in the face of adversity. 

Meet E.E.

E.E., a 19-year-old woman diagnosed with a duplication of chromosome 8q, faced various health and behavioural challenges. With a history of self-harm tendencies, E.E. experienced behaviours of concern which negatively impacted her life, such as physical and verbal aggression and thoughts of wanting to end her own life.

Throughout E.E.’s hospital stays, due to behaviour that challenges, our dedicated team provided effective care and support, leading to positive changes in her eating habits and her ability to engage in community activities. Furthermore, our team played a pivotal role in E.E.’s successful transition back to college and helped the individual adapt to a new supportive living arrangement while maintaining her family ties.

Discover more about her healing journey and how our Nurseline Community Services team supported her every step of the way.

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