Who We Are

As nurse-led mental health providers, we specialise in de-escalating challenging situations and crisis management. We prioritise fast response and designing a professional care plan within 48 hours of the initial call.

Our goal is to support people in their journey towards independence by implementing intentional and innovative care practices of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), strengths-based approach, and positive reinforcement. Our nurse-led clinicians are dedicated to transforming the lives of the people we serve, helping each individual live a fulfilled life.

Our Clinicians Are the Backbone of Our Company 

We thrive in a people-centric workplace where every action and interaction is imprinted with our core values of FamilyImpact and Teaming. We believe every clinician deserves to work in a supportive and human-focused environment, caring for their personal and professional development. 

Benefits of Working with Nurseline Community Services 

Nurseline Community Services is a part of the Catalyst Care Group, certified as a Great Place to Work® organisation that creates a positive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

For that purpose, we have implemented strategies to support the health and safety of our team members through our benefits and learning program. Learn more about the advantage and incentives of working with our Nurseline Family.

A Range of Free Training Courses

Nurseline Community Services provides a number of courses which can empower clinicians to improve their knowledge and upskill their performance. This is a unique opportunity to achieve aspirations and excel in your career.

Employee Help Programme (EAP) Counselling Sessions 

Nurseline Community Services cares for our clinicians’ physical and mental well-being. We also aim to promote the necessary work-life balance for every member of our Family, ensuring their personal and professional welfare. For that purpose, we provide counselling sessions through the Spectrum. life platform for all our employees.

Hardship Funds

Our company provides special benefits for clinicians and team members who recommend Nurseline Community Services to new applicants aligned with our core values. These referral bonuses are available as pre-paid Mastercard.

Referral Scheme

Our company provides special benefits for clinicians and team members who recommend Nurseline Community Services to new applicants aligned with our core values. These referral bonuses are available as pre-paid Mastercard.

Car Share Scheme

We provide a car share scheme to foster a collaborative working environment. Our team members work together to ensure everyone arrives to work safely, forming an inclusive team. Every co-worker can receive a car scheme reward. For example, clinicians who have given six rides to another teammate will receive a £60 pre-paid Mastercard. If you receive this award five times, you will be rewarded with a £220 pre-paid Mastercard.

Field Care Coach

Field care coaches visit our clinicians on-site and provide support and coaching assistance when needed.

Employee of the Month

We constantly keep our team motivated by choosing and rewarding an employee of the month. Our office teams choose a clinician that has shown the greatest impact by providing exceptional care. The clinician receives an ‘Employee of the Month’ certificate and a gift bag.

Employee of the Year

We have a special rewarding incentive for the ‘Clinician of the Year’ award. Summing the positive client feedback and the Employee of the Month, our team will select and award the clinician of the year with 2500 Catalyst coins.

Individual Feedback

Every clinician who receives outstanding feedback from the people they’re supporting will receive an award of 250 Catalyst coins.

Years of Service

Your loyalty and commitment matter to us! We value our clinicians’ efforts and hard work by rewarding them with 150 Catalyst coins for completing one year of service, 300 Catalyst coins for five years, 500 Catalyst coins for ten years, 1000 Catalyst coins for 15 years, and 1500 coins for 20 years of loyal service.

Paid Day-Off

Supporting and caring for people with complex care needs is a rewarding and highly responsible job. To prioritise well-being, we support our clinicians with a paid day off and a 12-hour shift as RNM or HCA. 

Goodwill Gestures

Unpredictable events and inconveniences are part of our everyday life. In the unlikely circumstances that our employees experience an inconvenience, such as last-minute shift changes or Payroll issues, we award them 100 Catalyst coins. Additionally, in case of an injury or a traumatic experience at work, the clinicians can receive 250 Catalyst coins.

Compliance Trailblazer

Proactive clinicians who provide training certificates on time, frequently attend training, and renew their licenses regularly will receive 125 Catalyst coins from our compliance team. 

Training Trailblazer

Clinicians with outstanding interest and participation in the training programs can be awarded 25 Catalyst coins from their in-house trainers.

Milestone Birthdays

Nurseline Community Services gives a special birthday present to our clinicians by rewarding them with 200 Catalyst coins valued at £40. 

Coffee Mornings

Our employees on maternity leave or sick leave can benefit from coffee mornings with our teams at their selected locations. Our clinicians can use these coffee mornings to share their emotions and concerns, and chat with the team.

Player of the Week

We foster motivation in our work environment by choosing a ‘Player of the Week’ and rewarding the selected clinician with 25 Catalyst coins. 

Message from the CEO

Our leadership team values the loyalty and efforts of the most dedicated clinicians who go the extra mile by awarding them 500 Catalyst coins.

Secret Santa 

Our office team will make sure to put a smile on the face of clinicians who had a challenging year by rewarding them with 200 Catalyst coins.


Clinicians who share their stories to support our marketing strategy will receive 250 Catalyst coins from our marketing team.

New Driver

We celebrate with you the moment of passing your driving test, and we congratulate you with 100 Catalyst coins. 

Just Graduated!

We also celebrate the most important occasions of your life, including completing your college degree. For that purpose, we congratulate you with 200 Catalyst coins.

New Baby

Clinicians who have just welcomed a baby will receive a £30 John Lewis gift card.

Welcome to Property Ladder

Clinicians who have just bought their first property will receive a £30 John Lewis gift card from our company. 

Join Our Family to Make an Impact in the Community

At Nurseline Community Services, you can enjoy working in a supportive and motivating work environment with opportunities to excel in your career and improve your knowledge. If caring for people with complex mental health needs is your vocation, our Family is the right choice for you. 

We are looking for committed and reliable clinicians willing to make an impact on other people’s lives. Contact us for more information about open job positions in Nurseline Community Services!