In the dynamic world of healthcare, where complex care and mental health needs are increasingly at the forefront, the role of effective partnerships and quality service delivery cannot be overstated.

We have the privilege of speaking with Elly Patt, our visionary Partnerships Specialist within Nurseline Community Services. During our conversation, Elly shed light on how Nurseline Community Services is making a difference in the lives of individuals with mental health needs.

From innovative approaches to personalised care plans, Elly delves into what makes us a trusted and effective healthcare provider in our community.

Can you share what Nurseline Community Services does?

Nurseline Community Services is a nurse-led care provider that specialises in mental health. The support provided ranges from de-escalating and managing crisis situations to the prevention of admission or readmission in hospitals and complex transitions back into the community.  We do this by providing a person-centred approach with experienced and highly trained staff.

Why is person-centred support important?

Person-centred support is vital to build relationships with the families and the individuals that we support. We aim to build strong relationships because it allows us to understand the needs and requirements of each person. Our aim through these relationships is to reduce behaviour that challenges and understand this could be due to unmet needs.

Nurseline Community Services is known for implementing Positive Behaviour Support within its services – what is the goal of this type of support?

Through our Positive Behaviour Support, we aim to help people become part of their community and for them to feel valued and respected with dignity.

Where is Nurseline Community Services located?

We have offices in Bristol, Gloucester, and the Midlands – covering the whole UK. We have a huge team of experienced and highly trained clinicians and nurses across the UK, so nowhere is off limits. When you’re reaching out for support, our fast-response team will answer within a 2-hour window.

What is your message to anyone seeking a reliable mental health provider?

Entrusting someone to care for your loved one and being supported by a provider – you want to ensure the approach they take is real and from the heart. Seeking to avoid crisis situations before it even begins is our main priority. At Nurseline Community Services, the individuals we support become part of our family. We stand for humanised care, and we are proud to support people with dignity and respect.

Become Part of the Change

Elly’s insights into the world of complex care and mental health needs remind us that at the heart of healthcare is a commitment to the individual and a dedication to providing compassionate care. 

We thank Elly for her invaluable contributions and for sharing her vision.

If you or a loved one is navigating the challenges of complex mental health needs, remember that Nurseline Community Services is here to help. We invite you to reach out, learn more about our service, and become part of our community that cares.